"Youre a house cat. You’re very important and you have little to do.”

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…this is a woman who has built her identity on her looks, and on what she’s been told to do. So what you’re getting is someone who married this man, and he gave her everything, and she did what she was told, and she is basing her self-esteem on her looks, and that’s very, very rocky ground… Betty’s life is a performance. She’s acting all the time. And she doesn’t know how not to do that.  -  Matthew Weiner discussing Betty Draper

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Mad Men Challenge
[7/9] Scenes:
“The Other Woman” S05E11

"Don’t be a stranger."

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Midway through our life’s journey I went astray from the straight road and awoke to find myself alone in a dark wood.

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Why are you making this so hard? Open the door and walk in. You do not need to parachute in through the ceiling.
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January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

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"I’m so many people" || 8 Songs for Sally Draper.

i. Sally Johnny Flynn ii. God Help the Girl God Help The Girl iii. Just one of the Guys Jenny Lewis iv. Expectations Belle and Sebastian v. Cheerleader St. Vincent vi. These Boots are Made for Walking Nancy Sinatra vii. Musician, Please Take Heed God Help the Girl viii. New York I Love You (But You’re Bringing Me Down) LCD Soundsystem


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9 favorite pictures of don draper

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