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We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday and sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are; And sometimes if we are lucky someone comes along and shows us who we really wanna be, who we should be. - Nikita Mears

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"And who are you?"

"I’m Peggy Olson, the new girl."

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Do you ever see Peggy getting married?

This is such an interesting question! But yes, where she is right now in the series and given that she finds the right man, I could definitely see Peggy getting married.

I’ve never particular seen her as someone who’s opposed to the idea of marriage. Throughout the series she has numerous relationships, all of which she takes incredibly seriously. 

That being said, Peggy is a very career-minded girl. She doesn’t want to be defined by the man she marries. She wants to be her own woman, first and foremost. Whenever another character insinuates that she’s only successful because of Don, she becomes incredibly defensive. And for good reason. All Don’s ever done is given Peggy a nudge in the right direction. He never held her hand. Whatever success she gained was hers alone. She’s proud of that fact. The same could be said of any man she chooses to marry. There’s this fear, I think, on her part, that she’d become stuck in her hypothetical partner’s shadow, like so many of her colleagues wives she’d encountered throughout the series.

I think, and please feel free to disagree with me on this one, that was one of the driving forces behind her giving up her baby. In her eyes, if she’d decided to raise that child, it would have been the end of her professional career. Unlike her mentor, Don, who’s able to have both a family and a successful career, Peggy’s trapped, having to choose between them. 

Just look at her conversation with Don after his third child, Gene, is born. 

"You have everything. And so much of it."

She wants it all. The career and the family. Which, for a woman in the 60’s is not the easiest thing in the world.

Where we are in the series now, though, Peggy is successful. The world’s becoming more accepting of women who want both a professional and domestic life. Now would be the perfect time for her to get married. To have a family. Her life is in order. All she needs is the right person. 

Which is Pete, in my personal opinion, but that’s a discussion for another time.

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whats your favorite mad men scene?

What a loaded question! I’ve honestly been thinking about this all day and still don’t think I have a definitive answer.

I could be really clichéd and say that it’s Don’s Carousel pitch from the end of the first season. And while that is fantastic and reduces me to tears more than I care to admit, I still don’t think it’s my favourite.

Invariably, though, whenever I watch or think about Mad Men (which is 98% of the time) the things that make me smile most are Don/Peggy scenes. I live for those moments, as fleeting as they’ve become in the later seasons. 

So, yeah, if we’re going for a favourite scene in the show, it’s gotta be this.



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this is the exact moment i fell in love with this show   the cinematography is just beautiful   mad men   don draper   mmgifs   

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January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

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